My Personal Profile

My name´s Alejandro. I´m fourteen years old. I live in Seville

with my parents and my brother. His name is Raul he 9

years old. We´ve got pets: canary birds and a turtle.

I´m a student at Beatriz de Suabia Secondary School. I´m in 9

year and my favourite subject is P.E. I´m not very keen on biology.

At university, I want to study architecture.

In my free time, I play computer games and watch videos.

I also meet my friends.

Sometimes I listen to music after school.

A Great Weekend

trabajo ingles.jpg
I had a great time last weekend.

First of all, on Friday afternoon I did
my homework and I dived into the
swimming pool then I played computer games with my brother,
next I had rice for dinner and finally
I went to bed.

On Saturday evening I met my friends and my cousin at the cinema
to see The Hunger Games Sinsajo
Part 1, that my cousin and me had
dinner at Mc Donals, I was delighted.

On Sunday I watched TV with my family, later I had lunch and later
that day I studied for the exam.

A Busy Scene

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When the bus reached the beach, I got off and looked around. It was a cloudy morning. It was about ten o´clock, and the beach was empty.

There only were nine or ten people. A man with a small basket was selling shrimps. On a promenade there was a bar called " Los Marineros ", they served a delicious food.

A boy slipped on the rock when he was going fishing, but he didn´t hurt himself and he didn´t fish anything.
I had a fantastic day.

My Ideal Bedroom

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYaH4UZoThCosUaeqHWTjXgHbECLz6Iqjypc4fUQ93VCIP7ybe
What´s your ideal bedroom like?
My ideal bedroom like is very very big. It has one big,round,wooden window with fantastic views of the sea the French Polinesy. It is very big and large, and the walls are blue and white.

The furniture in the room is made out of wood. The bed is high up. At one end theres´s a big,flat,screen Tv, so that i can play the Xbox 360 and Play 4. Next to the bed theres´s a big,wooden desk for my computer and my video games.

Finally, there is one door, it for my own bathroom. What a fantastic room!!!!