My profile

My name's Alejandra. I'm fourteen years old and I live with my parents Jose and Concha. I'm a student at secondary school. My favourite subject are Maths and P.E.

In my free time, I'm really into runnig. I like runnig with my firends because is healtly. I always play basketball in Labradores with my team. I go to the music school three days a week. I love playing the guitar. My other hobby is listening to music.

I hate study because it is boring. I love my life and my family and friends. I woud like to be a reportter because it is interesting

My last weekend

My last weekend was very good.
First of all, on friday, I went to play basketball with my team.

Then , i had a meal out with my friends and my coach.

Next day I got up at eight o'clock because I had to study. After that, I played the guitar and listened to music.

Sunday was very bad. I studied all day because the next day I had a Science Exam. At night I ate fish and chips. It was really good. I loved my last weekend but I didn't like sunday.

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