My name's Albina. I'm fourteen years old and I live with my mom. Her name is Julia. I don't have pets.

I'm a student at I.E.S Beatriz de Suabia. I'm in 3 E.S.O and my favourite subject are Social Science and Biology.I hate maths. My worst subject are Maths and Chemistry. I like History but I think Geography is boring. At university, I want to study lenguages or art.


In my free time, I'm really into drawing. I like drawing cartoons, animals,.. I love Internet. I use mymobile every day, and I'm chatting with my friends. I like listening to music. I always listen Pop. My favourite singer is Lady Gaga.



I had a terrible weekend.
First of all, on Friday morning, I didn't pass my French exam, I was sad and disappointed. Then I called my friend Dayana and she was very rude to me, because before that, in the school, I broke her pencil case.


On Saturday morning, I fell down the stairs and I broke my left arm. I felt very sore. Before that, I couldn't do my homewroks because I can't write with my left arm, and because we went into the hospital, and we was there all the evening.


Sunday wasn't any better. After lunch I had an argument with my father, I was cross, and then I bought a new pencil case for Dayana, and my dog broke it.

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When I arrived to the centre of Seville, I looked arround. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. There weren't clouds in the sky. It was about three o'clock and the Plaza Nueva was busy. A lot of people were selling souvenirs. An American man was looking at the souvenirs but he wasn't buying anything. On one side of the Plaza Nueva there was a busy restaurant. A lot of people were eating pizza and pasta. Opposite the café there was a McDonalds and it was busy too!