My family:
My name's Alberto. I'm from Seville, in Spain. I've got short dark hair and brown eyes.
My dad's name's Jose Juan. He's got short brown hair and green eyes.
My mum's name's Manoli. She's got long brown hair and brown eyes.
I've got a big brotherHis name's Alejandro. He's got short brown hair and brown eyes


This is my monster.

Its name is the pumpkin devil. It has got a hat of a witch. Its head is a Halloween pumpkin and it is orange. Its body is a skeleton and it has got a spider's legs.

My weekend activities:
On Saturday morning,I breakfast in my living room. In the afternoon,I ride in my bike. In the evening, I go to bed at eleven o'clock.
On Sunday morning,I breakfast and I go with my family to buy. In the afternoon, at five o'clock, I play on playstation 3. In the evening, I watch TV at ten o'clock.

My school life
I go to Beatriz de Suabia School in Seville,Spain. I get up at half past seven every day because my classes start at quarter past eight. I don't have lunch in the school canteen. I have lunch at home. I finish classes at three o'clock. It's a long day, so I don't like my timetable. My favourite school subject is Physical Education. I think it's fun. I'm not in a club. I don't like social science very much because it's difficult.

What's your style?

My style is sporty. I usually wear a tracksuit or a sweatshirt whith trousers. My favourite clothes is a sweatshirt but I prefer change of clothes. I like casual clothes. I don't like wear poles . I hate wear sandals!.


I live in a block of flats in Seville. I live there with my parents and my brother.
Our flat has got three bedrooms. Also, our flat has got two bathrooms. There's a kitchen and a big living room too. We eat in the living room.
There's a patio. We share it with the other people who live in our block of flats. Our living room has also got a small balcony.