Chapter 1- Borrowers are only 20cm tall and frightened of humans and animals . The "Clock family" lives in Sophie´s house in a hole under the clock. Pod built the house and often goes up and borrow the things they need. But Arietty and Homily never go up.

Chapter 2- Arietty breaks a cup and wants other new. Pod goes up and take a new cup. But when he was climbing down a boy saw him. And the boy helped him. When Pod arrived home, he told it to Homily.

Chapter 3- The parents decide to tell Arietty the truth. But they start to tell her what´s happened to her uncle Hendreary, aunt Lupy and cousin Eggletina. After this Arietty wanted to emigrate.

Chapter 4- Homily needs fibre for a new brush and a red velvet for her carpet and she thinks, this a good moment for Arietty to go outside with her father. While Pod was taking some fibre, Arietty was into the garden. And she saw a pair of big eyes...

Chapter 5- Arietty sees the boy and she is frightened. But the boy talks with her. He is here to recuperate because he lived in India but he was ill. Arietty tells the boy about uncle Hendreary, aunt Lupy and Eggletina and their new home. The boy is going to help her taking the letter to her uncle and aunt.

Chapter 6- Arietty writes the letter and puts it under the doormat. And she discovers that the boy is looking for the letter (under the doormat) and the rabbit hole (in the big field) every day.

Chapter 7- Arietty wants to see the boy. She arrives to the boy´s bedroom and the boy gives her the letter from her uncle and aunt. But Pod sees them and he is very angry.

Chapter 8- Arietty tells them everything and she gives her parents the letter. Her parents told her off for telling the boy about Eggletina, uncle Hendreary and aunt Lupy. Arietty says:"The boy is helping us, he doesn´t want to hurt us. When Homily is in the bedroom, an enormous hole appears in the cealing. It´s the boy, he gives them some things.

Chapter 9- Every nights, the boys takes them some things.Arietty and the boy are goods friends. The boy says them that he has to returnt to India soon, and he gives them silver ornaments. Pod thinks that it´s dangerous. One day Mrs Driver doesn´t find her silver ornament. That night, the boy is taking some things. He hears Mrs Driver getting closer him and he runs to his bedroom. But he doesn´t close the hole, and Mrs Driver sees her ornaments and the borrowers .She is going to call the police and a rat-catcher.

Chapter 10- When Mrs Driver isn´t there. The boy goes to The Clock´s home. They are frightened and trembling. Ariettys says they can sleep in the doll´s house tonight, and tomorrow the boy can tekes them to Uncle Henreary´s hole. While they are deciding what to do, Mrs Driver is coming.

Chapter 11- Mrs Driver thinks the boy is a thief. She is going to gives the borrowers to the police or the rat-catcher. Mrs Driver pushes him to the door and she locks it. Now the boy can´t help the borrowers. Mrs Driver says to Sophie the boy isn´t happy here so he is going to returnt to Inidia by boat with a family from the village

Chapter 12- The boy is worried because a policeman is going to take the borrowers. Mrs Driver tells the policeman the story but he doesn´t belive her. The boy has to returnt to India now. When Mrs Driver is into the kitchen, he runs to the garden. He opens the grating, but the borrowers aren´t there. They are going to Uncle Hendreary´s house. The boy is in the taxi, the borrowers see him and Pod shouts:" Thanks you for your help".