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Unit 1
Harry What do you think of this CD?
Dan I don’t really like it. I’m not into rap music.
Harry Me neither. Let’s listen to something else. What kind of thing do you like?
Dan I quite like heavy metal.
Harry Really? Me too! Why don’t we listen to Beastworld.
Dan I don’t know that band. What are they like?
Harry I think they’re great. They sound a bit like AC/DC, but they aren’t so commercial.
Dan OK. I’ll give it a try. Put it on!

Clerk Good morning. Sun City Adventure Park.
Kate Good morning. Could you give me some information, please?
Clerk Sure. How can I help you?
Kate What are your opening times?
Clerk From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the weekend.
Kate Thanks. How much does it cost to get in?
Clerk It’s £35 for adults and £25 for children under sixteen.
Kate And where is the park, exactly?
Clerk We’re near junction 15 on the M1 motorway.
Kate Thanks for your help.
Clerk You’re welcome

Doctor: Hi, come in. So you are . . .
Marcus: Marcus Wright.
Doctor: And what can I do for you, Marcus?
Marcus: Well, I’ve just felt really ill recently.
Doctor: Oh dear. What are the symptoms?
Marcus: I’ve had a blocked up nose.
Doctor: Yes, I can hear that. Sore throat too?
Marcus: No, not really. But I’ve had a few headaches.
Doctor: Really? How bad were they?
Marcus: Not very bad. Just . . . headaches.
Doctor: I see. Well, I think you’ve probably got a cold.
Marcus: Yes. I think so too.
Doctor: There’s nothing I can give you for that.
Marcus: Oh.
Doctor: So just drink plenty of water, and you’ll be fine in a week.
Marcus: Should I stay in bed?
Doctor: Oh, no! Definitely not! In fact, get some fresh air. It will help with the headaches. If it doesn’t, take painkillers.
Marcus: OK. Thanks

Tom Hi. We’ve met before, haven’t we?
Sue Yes, last weekend at Jake’s party. I’m Sue.
Tom I’m Tom. Did you enjoy the party?
Sue Yes, it was great. Did you enjoy it?
Tom Not really. The music wasn’t great.
Sue So, what else do you like doing at weekends?
Tom I like going to the cinema.
Sue Really? Me too.
Tom Maybe we should go and see a film together.
Sue Yes, good idea.
Tom Well, I’d better get back to class. Nice talking to you.

Interviewer So, why are you right for this job?
Candidate Well, I’m good with people and I’m hard-working.
Interviewer Excellent. Have you got any experience of this kind of work?
Candidate Not exactly. But I used to work in a shop. So I’ve got experience of dealing with customers.
Interviewer Have you ever dealt with a really difficult customer?
Candidate Yes, I have. But I said to myself: the customer is always right!
Interviewer Good. Do you know what you want to do in the future?
Candidate I’d like to study tourism at university, and then work abroad. That’s why I’m interested in this job

Jasmine Hello, Frank. Have you got any plans for the weekend?
Frank I’m going out with some friends on Friday evening.
Jasmine What about Saturday?
Frank I’m probably going to do some shopping in the morning, but I’ve nothing planned after that. Why don’t we go out for a pizza on Saturday evening?
Jasmine I’m afraid I can’t. I’m going to the cinema with Kelly. What about Sunday evening?
Frank Yes, Sunday’s fine.
Jasmine That’s great. I’ll call for you at your house at about seven o’clock.
Frank OK, see you on Sunday