Greg: Hi!, I’m Greg. What’s your name?
Lisa: Lisa
Greg: Are you friend of Katie’s?
Lisa: Yes, I am. We are at the same class at school. How do you know Katie?
Greg: We live next door each other.
Lisa: You don’t go to our school, do you?
Greg: No, I’m at West Collage.
Lisa: Which year are you in?
Greg: I’m in Year 10. What about you?
Lisa: Year 9.
Greg: Well, nice meeting you. See you again, I hope.
Lisa: I’m going to Katie’s party next weekend. How about you?
Greg: Yes, me too.
Lisa: Well, see you there, then.
Mary: Hi, there. My name’s Mary.
Connor: Hi! I’m Connor. Are you enjoying the party?
Mary: Yes, I am. I’m having a great time. How about you?
Connor: Yes, me too.
Mary: Do you know many people here?
Connor: I know a few. What about you?
Mary: I don’t know anybody, really. I’m here with my brother.
Connor: Oh, right. Who’s your brother?
Mary: Ryan.
Connor: Oh, so you’re Ryan’s sister! Do you go to our school?
Mary: Yes, I do. But I’m in Year 8.
Connor: Oh, OK. What’s your favourite subject?
Mary: I love science.
Connor: Really? I hate it.
Chris : Hi, Kylie! How are you?
Kylie : I’m fine, thanks.
Chris : Are you doing anything on Saturday?
Kylie : I don’t think so. Why?
Chris : I’m meeting some friends at the sports centre. We’re playing tennis. Do you want to join us?
Kylie : Yes, great idea.
Chris : We’re meeting at the sports centre at two.
Kylie : OK. See you there.
Sarah : Oh, hi, Tony.
Tony : Hi, Sarah.
Sarah : Have you got any plans for Saturday?
Tony : Not really, but my cousins are coming over.
Sarah : What time?
Tony : I don’t know. In the morning, I think.
Sarah : Well, I’m having a barbecue in the afternoon. Would you like to come?
Tony : Yes, I’d love to.
Sarah : OK. See you on Saturday at about three o’clock, then.
Jake : Hi, Emma. Are you OK?
Emma : Fine, thanks. How about you?
Jake : I’m fine too.
Emma : What are you doing at the weekend?
Jake : Nothing special. Homework, mostly!
Emma : I’m going out with some friends on Saturday evening. Do you want to come?
Jake : Where are you going?
Emma : To the cinema, to see that new fantasy movie … er …
Jake : Dragon Chaser.
Emma : That’s right.
Jake : I’d love to come.
Emma : OK! We’re meeting at the bus stop at six o’clock.
Jake : Great! See you there.
Craig : 784465. Hello?
Sophie: Hi, is that Craig?
Craig : Yes, speaking.
Sophie: Oh, hi, Craig. It’s Sophie. How are you?
Craig : Not too bad, thanks. And you?
Sophie: Fine. How was your weekend?
Craig : It was OK. I didn’t do very much.
Sophie: Hey, listen, do you want to come round later?
Craig : Oh, sorry, I’d love to, but I can’t. My grandparents are here.
Sophie: OK. Bye.
Craig : Bye.
Sarah : Hello, Sarah speaking.
Danny : Hi Sarah. It’s Danny here.
Sarah : How are you?
Danny : I’m very well, thanks.
Sarah : How was your weekend?
Danny : It was great.
Sarah : What did you do?
Danny : I went bowling with Jackie and Pete on Saturday. Then on Sunday I went to Sue’s for a barbecue.
Sarah : Lucky you!
Danny: I’m having a barbecue on Saturday afternoon. Would you like to come?
Sarah: Yes, I’d love to.
Danny: That’s great.
Sarah: What time does it start?
Danny: At three o’clock. See you there.
Martin’s mum : Hello.
Betty : Hello, Mrs Smith. It’s Betty here. Can I speak to Martin, please?
Mum : Of course. I’ll just get him.
Martin : Hi, Betty. How are you?
Betty : I’m OK. But I had a terrible weekend.
Martin : Oh? Why was that?
Betty : My pet cat died.
Martin : Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that.
Betty : He was very old, but we’re all very sad.
Martin : Hi, Kate. Have you got any plans for Saturday?
Batty : Not really. Why?
Martin: Well, I’m going shopping with Hannah. Do you want to come? We’re meeting at my house at midday.
Batty : Great. See you there
Tricia: I’m bored.
David : Are you?
Tricia : Yeah. There’s nothing to do round here.
David : Why don’t you go to the leisure centre?
Tricia : No, I don’t feel like it.
David : Well, how about going for a walk?
Tricia : OK. Do you want to come?
David : No, thanks. I want to read my magazine.
David: I’m bored. What shall we do now?
Tricia: I don’t know. Have you got any suggestions?
David : Why don’t we play table tennis?
Tricia: No, thanks. I’m feeling tired.
David : I know. What about playing cards?
Tricia: I don’t like cards.
David : Well, how about listening to music?
Tricia: That’s a great idea
Phil : I’ve got nothing to do. I’m bored.
Ellie: Why don’t you read a book?
Phil : I don’t feel like it.
Ellie: Well, how about watching TV?
Phil : There’s nothing good on.
Ellie: What about surfing the Internet?
Phil : That’s a good idea.
Debra: Hi! How are you?
Steve: Fine, thanks. What about you?
Debra: I’m really well.
Steve: Did you have a good time at Vanessa’s New Year’s Eve party?
Debra: Yes, I did. It was great! Why weren’t you there?
Steve: I had to go to a family party.
Debra: Oh, right. Would you like to see a photo?
Steve: Yes, please!
Debra: Look.
Steve: You all look like you’re having a really good time.
Debra: Yes, I know.
Steve: Who’s that blond-haired girl?
Debra: Do you mean the one on the left?
Steve: No, the one at the front in the long-sleeved T-shirt.
Debra: Oh, that’s Amy.
Steve: She’s really nice-looking!
Debra: Yes. But I’m afraid she’s got a boyfriend!
Steve: Oh.
Debra: His name’s Joel.
Steve: Is he the boy next to her?
Debra: No, he’s the one at the back.
Steve: Oh, the tall guy with glasses?
Debra: No. Joel is the dark-haired boy in the blue top.
Steve: He looks really bad-tempered
Carli: Have you ever tried any adventure sports?
Rick: Yes, I have. I’ve been caving.
Carli: When did you do that?
Rick: Last summer.
Carli: What was it like?
Rick: It was really exciting.
Carli: I bet! I’ve never done any adventure sports, but I’d like to try rock climbing.
Rick: Why?
Carli: I’ve seen it on TV. It looks great!
Rick: I’m having some friends round tomorrow evening. Would you like to come?
Carli Sorry, but I won’t be able to make it.
Rick: That’s a pity.
Mick: Have you ever been snorkeling?
Jean: Yes, I have.
Mick: Where did you do that?
Jean: In France. It was really exciting. Have you been snorkelling?
Mick: No, I haven’t. But I’ve been windsurfing.
Jean: Jane and I are going shopping tomorrow morning. Would you like to come too?
Mick: Yes, that sounds great.
Jean: I’m glad you can come.
Mick: Where shall we meet?
Jean: Outside Fred’s café. At 10.30.
Noel: I’ve never done any adventure sports. Have you?
Kerry: Yes, I have. I went kite surfing last year.
Noel: Really? What was it like?
Kerry: It was fantastic. But a bit scary.
Noel: I’m going for a bike ride with Millie on Sunday. Would you like to come with us?
Kerry: I’m afraid I can’t.
Noel: Oh, never mind. Maybe another time.
Bob: Hi, Tamsin.
Tamsin: Hi, Bob. How are you?
Bob: Fine. What are your plans for Friday evening?
Tamsin: Nothing special. Why?
Bob: Well, Harry and I are going to go bowling. Do you want to come?
Tamsin: Yes, please. That would be great.
Bob: After that we’re going to go to a night club.
Tamsin: A night club? I don’t think I’ll come to the night club, thanks.
Bob: OK. See you on Friday.
Dom: Hi, Hazel.
Hazel: Oh, hi Dom. Have you got any plans for Saturday evening?
Dom: No, not really. Why?
Hazel: I’m going to go out for a meal with some friends. Do you want to come along?
Dom: Yes, I’d love to. Where are you going to eat?
Hazel: George’s, in the High Street. It’s a French restaurant.
Dom: OK. Great. How are you going to get into town?
Hazel: I’m going to walk.
Dom: Me too.
Clare: Hi, Paul.
Paul: Hi, Clare. How are you?
Clare: I’m fine. I’m looking forward to the weekend!
Paul: Me too. What are your plans for Friday evening?
Clare: I haven’t got any.
Paul: I’m going to invite some friends round. Do you want to come?
Clare: Yes, please. I’d love to.
Paul: We’re going to play video games.
Clare: What are you going to play?
Paul: Rock Band and Super Mario Galaxy
Clare: Great. What time shall I come?
Paul: About 7.30.3 Clare: Great. See you there
Tina: Can I ask your advice about something?
Brian: Yes, of course. What’s the problem?
Tina: I borrowed a CD from Susanna and I’ve lost it.
Brian: Oh, dear. I think you should tell her you’ve lost it.
Tina: Do you think I should buy her a new one?
Brian: No, I don’t think you should buy her a new one yet. Speak to her first.
Tina: Thanks. That’s very helpful advice.
Jeff: Can I ask your advice about something?
Kerry: Sure. How can I help?
Jeff: There’s a girl in my class that I really like. But I’m afraid to ask her out.
Kerry: I think you should just go and talk to her. Just relax and be friendly.
Jeff: Thanks. That’s very good advice.
Nina: Can I ask your advice about something?
Harry: Sure. What’s the problem?
Nina: A boy phones me a lot on my mobile. I don’t want to talk to him.
Harry: Poor you. I think you should tell your phone company. They can block that number.
Nina: Do you think I should tell his parents?
Harry: No, but you must tell the phone company.
Nina: OK. I’ll do that. Thanks
Waitress: Good morning. Can I help you?
Roy: Could I have a ham sandwich, please?
Waitress: Certainly. Would you like anything to drink?
Roy: Um, a cup of tea, please.
Waitress: That’s £5.00, please.
Roy: Here you are.
Waitress: £10.00. … Here’s your change. I’ll bring the food to your table.
Roy: Thank you.
Waiter: Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Jill: Yes, I’d like a ham, cheese and tomato pizza, please.
Waiter: Certainly. Anything else?
Jill: Um, a portion of chips, please.
Waiter: A ham, cheese and tomato pizza and a portion of chips. Anything to drink?
Jill: I’d like an orange juice, please.
Tony: Good evening.
Waitress: Good evening. Can I help you?
Tony: Could I have a cheese and tomato pizza, and a ham sandwich, please?
Waitress: Sure.
Tony: And a coffee and a cola, please?
Waitress: One cheese and tomato pizza, one ham sandwich, a coffee and a cola … that’s £11.40, please.
Tony: Here you are.
Waitress: £20.00. Thank you. Here’s your change