I´m Alvaro. I´m fourteen years old. I live in seville
with my mother Yolanda and my sister Marta.
I´am a student at Beatriz de Suabia Secondary School.
I´am in Year 9. My favourite subject is P.E. I think
it´s very funny. My worst subject is Geography becouse
it´s very difficult and bored. When I grow up I want to be footballer
I´m really into football. I like playing matches with my friends
I´m in a football team. It´s Centro Historico. I also play computer
games like "FIFA 15" and watch videos of youtube.
My Weekend

I had a great time last weekend.

First of all, On Friday morning, my geography´s teacher gave me
the mark of an exam. it was 9.05 !!. I was very excited!

Then, On Saturday, I played a match with my team. We won 0-5!
After that, we went to have lunch at Nervion Plaza. I was very happy!

Later, On Sunday, I met my friends at Nervion Plaza again,
We walked along the avenue. Finally, we watched a film in the
We have a fantastic day!
I arrived at Nervion Plaza on my bike. I looked around and it was a beautiful morning. There were clouds in the sky but it isn´t raining. It was twelve o´clock and there weren´t many people.

There was a videogames shop and two boys were buying a console with the game ``Far Cry 4´´.
There was a clothes shop too. A woman was buying a dress. She was wearing a blue skirt and a brown shirt.

In front of the shop, there was a McDonald. It was busy!
I wanted to eat a hamburguer but i didn´t have any money!
My ideal Bedroom

My ideal bedroom is on the first floor of the house.
It is very big. It has two windows with views of the city.
The walls are light yellow.There is a poster of "Sevilla FC",
a football team.
The bed is very large. In front of it there is a chest of drawers .
On the chest of drawers there is a big, flat and white TV
Next to the bed there are three comfty armchairs and a table
with a TV and a console to play videogames.
Finally there is a big, brown, wood wardrobe. I keep my clothes there. Next to the wardrobe, there is a jacuzzi
Fictional character " Johnny Depp"

Jack sparrow is the main character of Pirates of the Caribbean. The film is about pirates
and they sail the sea, fight with other pirates and find amazing treasures.
His real name is Johnny Depp and he participated in other films like " The lone Danger "
and " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "

Johnny Deep is tall, long and dark-haired and he has glassses. He has got a dark moustache.
He wears a brown jacket and dark jeans.
Johnny Depp is really funny becouse he makes a lot of jokes and he is very friendly.
Dear Mum and Sister

Today is the fourth day at the All Season Adventure Camp. At the moment, it has been very funny.
The first day, the weather was cloudy but the others were sunny and very hot!

Yesterday, I went Windsurfing with my partners and it was fantastic but very difficult!
It was hot and the water was very cool!
Today I have been caving, everything was very dark and there was a lot of animals and insects

I haven´t been rock climbing becouse it was very scary.
I haven´t tried bungee jumoing, it is very dangerous.