sevilla.jpgMy name is Alvaro. I'm fourteen years old and live in Seville with my parents and my two sisters. Their names are Paula and Claudia. We haven't got any pets .I'm a student at Beatriz de Suabia School. I'm in Year 9 and my favourite subjects are technology and maths. I also like P.E. My worst subject is French. At , I want to study to become an architect.

My weekend

I had a great time last weekend
First of all ,on Friday morning I got up and I had breakfast later, I got a dressed and I went to Beatriz de Suabia. When clases finished I went to my grandparents' house. In the afternoon I went to the pool in this moment I was feeling tired but I dived onto the wáter then I went home and I slept.
On Saturday afternoon I played basketball with my family, in the evening I met my friends at the cinema and later we went to restaurant.
On Sunday, I didn't do nathing especial.

A great day

When I was going to the park a fatty men pushed me. He didn't see me and after that he said somy but I was angry. I was sitting on a bench but it didn't have glaces. I went to he restaurant to sit. I slept, my father woke me up. And we together went to the home. There had for macorrini dinner.

The ideal bedroom


On the first floor there would be a living-room with a television, a sofa
and a big table with beautiful brown chairs. The kitchen would be large too and in my garage I'd have an expensive car.

On the second floor there would be three bedrooms, each one with a personal bathroom and large windows. And I'd like to have a games room with computers, televisions, videogames, music and a lot of space to dance.

I'd have a beautiful garden with a light green grass and a large yard with a pool to swim everyday

Paul Walker


Paul Walker was an America actor, he is famous because of playing the role of Brian O'Conner in saga ''The fast and the furious'' and for his ctions in several movies and televisión series. Walker died in 2013

Paul Walker is tall, short-haired, blue-eyed and has got short beard. Paul has got fair skin. He usually wore a suit.

Paul Walker is a good person, I like him because when he died, in the accident car, Paul was going to a charity event. Paul usually went to charity events. When he was a child. he wanted to be a biologist