Hello , my name is Alvaro Lax. I'm fourteen years old. My birthday is
the ninth of april.
I am from seville. I live in Seville with my parents Juan Carlos and Nieves , my
brother Juan Carlos and my sister Triana.

I am a student at Beatriz de Suabia school. I am in year 3 Secondary Education.
I think that I`m a good student. My favourite subject is music because in the afternoons I go to a music school.
I play the piano. I don`t like history. It's very difficult for me. When I grow up I want to study piano and to be a teacher.

In my free-time , I watch videos on youtube. I love computer games. Also,
I like football and I watch a lot of football matches.I am keen on Sevilla F.C.
I often meet my friends. They are the most important in my life.

Hello friends , this was my last weekend...

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I had a great time last weekend , but it was sometimes boring.

First , on friday afternoon it was raining. I'm disappointed because I couldn´t meet my friends. At home , I studied history because I had an exam on Monday. Then I played the piano. Finally, in the evening,I watched a film. "The Hobbit". It was a science fiction film. It was interesting.

On Saturday morning, I got up and did my homework. After I did my homework, I watched TV but there wasn't anything special. So I studied history again. On Saturday afternoon, I went with my mother to Nervion Plaza. We ate hamburguer. Later, we bought some clothes for my sister. Before we left, we walked around the "El Corte Inglés".

On Sunday morning , I studied history and studied English too. That morning, I didn't do anything more interesting. Then, on Saturday afternoon, I played with my sister. We jumped, ran, played with a ball... After that. I played the piano
Hi friends , How are you today? This is a tipical day for me...
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I left my home with my mum at 6:00 o'clock. We went to the hospital. It was raining. We went to the hospital because I broke my finger while I was playing the piano. It was terrible.

We went by bus. The bus was full. There was my good friend Pedro. He went to the sportcentre. He was with his girlfriend Raquel .

In the bus there was a poor man. He wanted to eat something but I didn't have anything. At 6:30 , my mum and I got off the bus. We didn't an umbrella so, we ran.

While we were in hospital, a men was having an argument with another man. The nurse came and she called police.

The waiting room was empty. There were magazines. I was reading when the doctor came. On the way to his examinator room we saw many people. There was a woman crying. I asked her. Her husband had died.

At the end ,my finger wasn't really broken. I was happy.

My ideal bedroom

===What's yout ideal bedroom like? My ideal bedroom is in a house in the country. There are twenty floors and my idea
l bedroom is at the top of the house.
I have got a king size bed. In front of the bed there is a wall but, there is a big new black tv.
Next to the bed, there is a desk with a computer. It's a very big new red desk. There is not never homeworks on it. It's
Next to the bed, there are two ddoors. My bathroom with a big round jacuzzi. In the bathroom there is a window with views
of the sea. The other door is a sledge. The sledge drives to the sea
Finally, there is a little ramp. Under the bedroom there is a big playroom.===


My favourite actor

My favourite actor is Neil Patrick because is one of the main characters in the America TV Show
"How I Met Your Mother. In the show he plays Barney Stinson. "How I Met Your Mother" is the story
of Ted Mosby. He tells the history when he met her wife. At the end, he says who the mother is. Barney
Stinson is Ted's best friend.

Barney is tall, blond, blue - eyed and he always wears a suit with a tie. He's got short hair and he has never got leard.

Barney Stinson is an interesting character because is funny and spontaneous. He is ladies' man too but the show progresses
and he becomes a housband and, as well as, he has got a son.

Dear Family
Today, is the last day of my holiday at the All Seasons Adevnture Camp in Seville. It was amazing. I'd like to do it again. We have had a really, really fab time.
The weather has been warm and sunny without clouds but one day, it was rainy but I didn't care. We have done loads of outdoor and indoor activities.Yestarday, I went rock climbing with Pedro and Rangel. Also, we have been snorkelling. It was verybeautiful.
I haven't tried BASE jumping or skydiving because I was sacry. Maybe next time!


Álvaro Lax